Manchester Regional School - Haledon NJ (2000 - 2004)
Bergen Community College - Paramus NJ (2004 - 2005)
Interests: (95)
"love", ., alexisonfire, atreyu, bcc, beauty, bloomfield ave cafe, boys, britney spears, california pizza kitchen, cats, childhood, cosmetology, cuddling, devon rex, dolphins, exercising, eye shadow, eyeliner, faeries, family, fashion, florida, foggy windows, from autumn to ashes, garden state plaza, george w. bush, going down the shore, going to shows, grease, gwen stefani, harajuku, harry potter, hello kitty, hellogoodbye, hopesfall, horror movies, incubus, jack off jill, john connor, kissing, kittens, lemonade, lilacs, lillix, lindt chocolate, lip gloss, makeup, making out, me, meowzah, my chemical romance, new jersey, nicole richie, nine inch nails, no doubt, now and then, pale skin, palisades center, paranormal, penguins, perfection, photography, poetry, pretty woman, reading, republicans, romance, sanibel island, sean hannity, sephora, sex, shopping, snow, starbucks, starland ballroom, stars, summer, sushi, taking back sunday, the breakfast club, the notebook, the outsiders, the oval portrait, the postal service, thomas kinkade, thrice, underoath, usa, vainness, virginity, winter, young at heart, youth,

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Emma Bunton
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